About Us

We are a family owned real estate and investment company. We invest in both Commercial and Residential properties throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. We also consider ourselves angel investors, investing in businesses and people, creating products and services that support today’s economy. If you have a project, please come see us.

Our Story

Yafa and Yousef originally met in Iran and decided to migrate to Germany in the 70’s, which is where their children Sharona and Soleiman were born. In 1986 Yousef passed away from cancer, so the family decided to move to the United States, making Los Angeles their home base. Since Yousef had passed, our Uncles maintained our finances and what money our father had left behind. They invested it into real estate holdings for us. We now invest in, and manage, our own investments.


We invest in commercial properties throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. We are always looking for retail properties ranging from $1 mil – $3mil. We enjoy commercial properties for their ease of management and long term tenants. Both of our properties have tenants that have been in the properties for over 15 years. We’re always looking to find properties with tenants whom we can build long lasting relationships for the benefit of all.


We invest in residential properties throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. We like to invest in up and coming areas, with properties that require a bit of TLC, adding value and upside to the property and neighborhood.


We are real estate investors first, then angel investors. We have invested in several different businesses who we feel have the team to run an amazing business and a viable product. The companies we have invested come from varying sectors of the market, computer software, home goods, schools and the restaurant business. We are always looking to invest in great companies that stand for something and have a great team behind them.

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